condition: Broken Bone

The Comeback

In the second game of the year I went up for an interception and had my legs taken out from underneath me. I ended up landing on my arm, but that did not stop me from playing the rest of the game. I had an interception just four plays later. Later the next week I […]

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Lance’s Story

Lance started basketball later than most. He is a soccer goalie and was a previous swimmer but with his height and quick hands he quickly caught on. Right before X-mas 2015, he ran into a fellow player running down the court during a game and fell forward rolling his ankle. He limped off the court […]

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Soccer Success

Sam is the starting left halfback for the Grandview Heights Boys Soccer team. During a match, Sam took a hit from behind and went down on his left hand. He stayed down due to the injury. While he was being evaluated on the field by the Central Crossing training staff and in obvious pain, Dr. […]

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