condition: Metabolic Disorder

Gwendolyn’s Story

Close your eyes and imagine an American girl. Once you have met Gwen, her sweet face will immediately come to your mind when you do this. She just happens to love American Girl dolls too. In so many ways, Gwen appears to be a typical 9-year-old girl. She loves singing, dancing, being in the Brownies […]

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Harmony’s Smiles

Harmony was first treated at NCH when she was only 3 weeks old. She was having feeding issues and not gaining weight as she should have been. She was admitted for observation of her feeding schedules. She gained minimal weight while in the hospital for about 4 days so we got to go home. She […]

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Gavin’s Story

My husband and I welcomed our third son to our family in the summer of 2009. Just as we were getting into our new routine, our world was turned upside down. At just fifteen days old, Gavin was rushed to the hospital because he had difficulty breathing. I’ll never forget waiting for the ambulance to […]

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