condition: Multiple Diagnosis

Adoniya’s Story

Adoniya’s first few hours of life were unexpectedly challenging. Shortly after birth, her family found out that she was born with a severe defect that occurs during fetal development in a female’s lower abdominal structures. Adoniya was also born with bone, heart and kidney defects. After years of several surgeries and not being able to […]

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Tristen’s Story

At 15 months old, life should be fairly simple for a toddler. The days are filled with learning words, learning how to walk, playing, eating, and sleeping. But for little Tristen, a complicated journey was about to begin. It started with him undergoing eye surgeries at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Soon thereafter, Tristen was being followed […]

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Myah’s Story

Myah was adopted from China when she was 3 years old into a loving family well aware of her life-threatening health concerns. Myah’s parents, Rina and Henry, knew she was meant to be in their family. Immediately after adopting her, they brought her back with them to their hotel room in China and began researching […]

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