condition: Asthma

Lyla’s Story

Breathing – most of us rarely even think about it. We just do it. Every minute.  Every hour.  Every day.  But some of us think about it all the time. Some of us spend minutes, hours, and days struggling to do it. Asthma is the most common chronic childhood illness and can significantly impact quality […]

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Aly’s Pneumonia Scare

Aly was first diagnosed with asthma when she was just a baby. It was a scary diagnosis because as a parent you want your baby to be healthy. We saw the pediatrician regularly and was able to get her on a treatment plan and live a somewhat normal childhood. We did have instances where her […]

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Ashlee’s Story

When you meet Ashlee, you meet a beautiful, vibrant, girl who is active in cheerleading and gymnastics at her high school, loves animals, especially dogs and cats and enjoys volunteering in her community through church and school. You would never guess that she has battled serious health conditions throughout her life, and now receives infusions […]

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