condition: Burn Injury

Zaine Strong

You don’t ever know how you are until being strong is your only option. My son proved his strength the day he became a victim of child abuse. On August 17, 2016 Zaine, who was only 10 months old, was abused by someone I thought I could trust. I left for only about an hour […]

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Ailee’s Story

No one expects it, but it can happen to anybody. One day you are happily celebrating your beautiful little daughter’s first birthday and the next you are frantically calling 911. Amber was at work when she got the urgent call to come get her daughter, Ailee, who was at the babysitter’s. When she arrived, Amber […]

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Emma’s Story

It was just another ordinary day. Five-year-old Emma and her cousin were having fun playing in the basement. Then, her cousin came running up the stairs saying that Emma needed help right away. Emma and her cousin were playing on a treadmill when Emma’s dress got caught in the treadmill while it was running at […]

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