condition: VACTERL

Makya’s Story

At Teena’s first ultrasound, she was told what no parent every wants to hear. “Something is wrong with your baby.” Her unborn son, Makya, had a severely deformed spine, and no quality of life could be guaranteed for him. Teena and her husband (at the time) were gently advised to consider terminating the pregnancy. But, […]

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Zoey’s Story

Zoey was born 4 weeks prematurely and was taken to the NICU right away. Her esophagus was not connected, her stomach and small intestine weren’t connected together and she had a heart condition that was much worse than an ultrasound during pregnancy had revealed. Strong little Zoey endured two surgeries within the first 72 hours […]

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Carter’s fight

Carter was born with Vactrel. He has spinal abnormalities, imperforate anus, PFO, VSD, ankle deformities, tremors, hypospadias, large bladder and urinary issues. When he was born we knew he had an extended stomach and then they kept finding one thing after another. He has had multiple surgeries to help correct his anus, including getting a […]

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