condition: Brain Tumor

Mighty Mason

In January of 2014, Mason (3), was recovering from the stomach flu. It wasn’t until our efforts to treat dehydration symptoms were unsuccessful that we became concerned. A trip to his pediatrician lead to an EEG which landed us in the Neurology department at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. At this time, Mason was diagnosed with Partial […]

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Lauren’s Story

Lauren is hoping that after she finishes cancer treatment, she can get a dog. She is excited to teach her new dog tricks like sit, roll-over and play fetch. But, she’s most excited to snuggle with her furry friend while watching her favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. At the end of 2016, Lauren […]

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Faith’s Journey

Faith was a bubbly 6yr old with a personality that could brighten anyone’s day and a smile that could melt you heart. In August of 2012 that personality and smile seamed to be disappearing slowly. Faith kept getting sick with what i thought was a very bad case of the flu she had all the […]

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