condition: Bronchiolitis

“It’s just RSV”

Joel and his twin sister were born healthy and happy at 37 weeks gestation. When they were 4 months old, they both got RSV and bronchiolitis, but while his sister got better quickly, Joel just got worse. In a few days, he went from fine to struggling to breathe. I took him to the ER, […]

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“Let it run it’s course”

Not only am I first time mom, but I am also a single mom. My Lyla came down with her first significant cold just days after Christmas. As she wasn’t improving I took her to her doctor, two days in a row who told me “it’s a cold, let it run it’s course.” He also […]

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Annika’s Odyssey

My daughter Annika was a healthy newborn; everything was just fine for a while. Then, when she was just 12 weeks old, she contracted adenovirus. Her older brother and two older sisters had it the week before Annika contracted it; their symptoms were very mild: pink eye, stuffy nose, cough. Annika‚Äôs case took a much […]

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